Regional Airline New Hire Brochures

New Hire Brochures from the Regional Airlines

I gathered these brochures from the recent NGPA Airline New Hire Job Fair in Palm Springs…

They are posted here in PDF format for those interested click on the link to start the download.

Go Jet Airlines:

Go Jet-New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Offering an $8,000 signing bonus, $5,000 referral bonus, upgrade eligible after 2,500 hours, commuter relief with four hotel rooms per month, CL-65 Type Rating, ATP-CTP course paid for by GoJet.

Air Wisconsin

Air Wisconsin-New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Medical/dental/vision insurance, Short-term disability insurance, paid vacation and sick time, minimum 12 days off per month, Jump seat privileges, competitive starting wage, 75 hour pay guarantee, 100% cancellation pay.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Air New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Same-sex domestic partner benefits, health care insurance, 401(k), travel privileges, confirmed employee tickets, discounts.


Allegiant New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Check the website for jobs in operations, flight operations, inflight;

Endeavor Air

Endeavor Air-New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Four-year, $80k payout retention package for pilots, $2,000 pilot referral bonus


Envoy-New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Pipeline Instructor Program – Interview with Envoy at a partner flight school – be an Envoy employee while still flight instructing, ENJOY FULL BENEFITS – health/dental/vision insurance, vacation and sick leave, 401(k), TRAVEL PRIVILEGES on AAG network  THEN become on Envoy first officer upon meeting qualifications.

Express Jet

Express Jet-New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Airline Pilot Pathway Program and Jet Blue Gateway Program. Internships.


Frontier Air New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Flight benefits, Guest passes, Discounts, Insurance

PSA Airlines

PSA-New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

American Airlines team

Republic Airways

Republic Airways-New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

Signing bonus up to $10,000. Currently hiring for Republic Airways and Shuttle America.

United Express

United Express-CommutAir-New Hire Brochure-Jan 2015

United Airlines Travel Benefits, Referral Bonus, Duty Incentives, Performance Incentives, Pay during training, ATP and Type Rating; ID/90 on over 150 Airlines.
 Flying Club – New Website

CascadeFlyers-Pilot Fying ClubOur New Website – Pilot Flying Club

Hi Flyers – this is our new website. It is state-of-the-art and completely customizable….

For the tech-savvy and curious – it is a self-hosted WordPress site, under an add-on domain on Hostgator, using the Genesis Framework parent theme and the mobile-responsive Genesis Metro child theme.

The site has common and typical  plug-ins installed for useability,  security and SEO to get it going.

It will be connected to the Cascade Facebook page,  members pages and any and all other social media.

The site allows additional users… if you are interested let Russ know!

We will talk about all this at our next meet and ongoing.

Since this is our site – let’s class it up!

We can add header images, a background, fonts, color, widgets, media, uploads and content as we wish.

I’ll be getting the ball started – but this is OUR site – it can contain anything we want!

News, information – flying club events, trips, user pages, flights, destinations, tips, media… and the list goes on….

Time to use our imaginations!

Our Email Discussion Group is Back On-Linealleghenies-main

Our clubs’ group email discussion list has been migrated under this domain using the app Mailman – the same app as before.

The email list has been migrated manually to the new list. But, your preferences were not migrated (not possible).

If you got the email invite – you can easily re-select your preferences by following the instruction.

Send questions to Russ by emailing directly or using the contact form on this site – or if you’d like to join the group.

Just as before you send message to the entire group using:

All messages bust be short, too the point and aviation related. Prior policies are all in place.

Tip: If you want to see your own message then CC yourself. (issue with the program)

That’s if for now…

Looking for fair skies in the great Northwest and B.C.!